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King AirU.S. Aerospace Corp. provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for a wide array of King Air aircraft parts and components, including and not limited to avionics, instruments and gyros, radio, radar, gauges, air data instruments, and accessories. Simply search through our King Air capabilities list below. We are continually expanding our capabilities, so if you do not find your preferred part number in our capabilities list, feel free to call us at 731-645-9988. For a price quote, click the RFQ button in the right-hand column.

Part Number Description
792-6694-001 Vertical Gyro
8DJ81AAP1 Prop Tach Indicator
8DJ81BLB4 Prop Tach Indicator
8DJ81WBA4 Turbine Tach Indicator
ALT-55B Radio Altimeter
ANT-312 Radar Antenna
ANT-318 Radar Antenna
ART-2000 Radar R/T
C-14A Directional Gyro
EM609-3 Blower Assembly
EM609-4 Blower Assembly
EM8001 Tach Generator
KEA-346 Encoding Altimeter
KG-102A Directional Gyro
LT-52A Dimmer
SR-2AG Torque Indicator
SR-2AM Torque Indicator
SRL-C2C Torque Indicator
SRL-C2F Torque Indicator
SRL-C8C Fuel Flow Indicator
TDR-90 Transponder
TDR-94D Mode S Transponder
WXT-250B Radar R/T


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