Air Data Instruments


U.S. Aerospace Corp. certifies, tests, repairs, and overhauls air data instruments and related parts and components for aviation, including and not limited to the aircraft featured on our Capabilities by Aircraft page. The following chart provides a representative list of pressure instruments we service and a partial list of manufacturers and brands we support.

Air Data Instruments Serviced
A Representative List
Manufacturers & Brands
A Representative List
  • Air Data Computers
  • Encoding Altimeters
  • Pneumatic Altimeters
  • Servoed Altimeters
  • Airspeed Indicators
  • Vertical Speed Indicators (VSI)
  • Cabin Pressure Controllers
  • Aerosonic Corporation
  • BendixKing
  • Collins
  • Foster
  • Garrett AiResearch
  • Honeywell / Sperry
  • Jaeger
  • Kollsman / IDC
  • Liebherr
  • Smiths Industries
  • United


If your air data instrument or component or brand of product is not shown, call us at 731-645-9988 or use our convenient online RFQ form.






“Thanks to quick, responsive service from U.S. Aerospace, we’ve been able to reduce down-time of our fleet over the past three years. Turnaround times have been remarkably fast …”

Berry Aviation, Inc.