Instruments & Gyros


U.S. Aerospace Corp. is a Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Certified 145 Repair Station with Instrument Class 1-2-3-4 unlimited ratings. Our Flight Instruments & Gyro Department offers testing, repair and complete overhaul of most instruments and gauges located in the aircraft cockpit as well as the computers that control those instruments.

The following chart provides a representative list of instruments and gyros we service as well as a partial list of manufacturers and brands we support.

Instruments & Gyros Serviced
A Representative List
Manufacturers & Brands
A Representative List
  • HSIs, ADIs, PDIs, RDIs
  • Flight Directors
  • Compass Indicators
  • Course Indicators
  • Distance Indicators
  • Pitch and Roll Computers
  • F.D. Computers
  • Rate of Turn Racks
  • Compass Couplers
  • Steering Computers
  • Mode Couplers
  • Autopilot Amplifiers
  • Yaw Damper Computers
  • Gyros
    — Vertical and Directional Gyros
    — Horizon Gyros
    — Rate Gyros here
  • Accelerometers
  • Cockpit Gauges & Indicators
    — Temperature
    — Pressure
    — Quantity of Engine Fuel, Oil and Air
  • Aeronetics
  • BendixKing
  • Burton
  • Collins
  • General Design
  • Goodrich / Jet
  • Honeywell / Sperry
  • QED
  • Sigma-Tek
  • Thales / Sfena


If your instrument or brand of product is not shown, call us at 731-645-9988 or use our convenient online RFQ form.







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