Flight Recorders


U.S. Aerospace is  a Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Certified 145 Repair Station with extensive experience in the testing, repair and overhaul of flight recording equipment, including flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders, and control units. Our Flight Recording Department provides end-to-end services for diagnostic testing, repair, and overhaul of flight recording equipment, including products manufactured by Honeywell/Sundstrand, L3 Communications/Fairchild, and Teledyne.

Because the safety of our customers, and their customers alike, is our #1 priority, we consider our our work on flight recording equipment to be one of the most important, mission-critical services we provide. Our highly qualified and experienced Flight Recorder Technicians have received extensive training.

The wide array of flight recording equipment we service includes and is not limited to:

Flight Recorders

  • Flight Data Recorders (FDR)
  • Digital Flight Data Recorders (DFDR)
  • Solid State Flight Data Recorders (SSFDR)

Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR)

  • General Aviation Cockpit Voice Recorders (GACVR)
  • Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorders (SSCVR)

Control Units, including:

  • Preamplifiers
  • Microphone Monitors
  • Remote Microphones

For personal assistance with your flight recorder maintenance and repair needs, call us at 731-645-9988 or use our convenient online RFQ form.







“Strong working relationships are important to us and we have always enjoyed working with the people at U.S. Aerospace, who genuinely care about their customers.”

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