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King AirU.S. Aerospace Corp. provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for a wide array of King Air aircraft parts and components, including and not limited to avionics, instruments and gyros, radio, radar, gauges, air data instruments, and accessories. Simply search through our King Air capabilities list below. We are continually expanding our capabilities, so if you do not find your preferred part number in our capabilities list, feel free to call us at 731-645-9988. For a price quote, click the RFQ button in the right-hand column.

Part Number Description
23069-015 Starter Generator
23069-016 Starter Generator
23078-019 Starter Generator
23079-000-1 Starter Generator
23080-011 Starter Generator
23085-001 Starter Generator
2587193-43 Directional Gyro
2800(6930N1L) Turn & Bank Indicator
28007-11-01 Encoding Altimeter
30-1329-3M Nav Strobe Light
30-1329-4M Nav Strobe Light
30-1329-5M Nav Strobe Light
30-1329-6M Nav Strobe Light
30-1331-5 Nav Strobe Light
30-1467-21 Nav Strobe Light
3019240F Torque Limiter
3244707-7 Torque Limiter
328A-3G Slaving Amp
331A-3G HSI
331A-6P Course Indicator
332C-10 RMI
332D-11A Vertical Gyro
332-D11T Vertical Gyro
332E-4 Directional Gyro
334C-11 Primary Servo
334C-9A Primary Servo
334D-6 Trim Servo
334D-6A Trim Servo
3571262-7303 PropTach Indicator
5035P-P46 Encoding Altimeter
509-0001-904 Turn & Bank Indicator
509-0001-910 Turn & Bank Indicator
51530-001A Generator Control Unit
51530-007B Generator Control Unit
51538-001A Generator Control Unit
521372 Oil Temp & Pressure Indicator
522070 Turbine Gas Temp. Indicator
522-2638-006 HSI
522-2644-011 Slaving Amp
522-3241-000 Directional Gyro


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