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Hawker 400U.S. Aerospace Corp. provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for a wide array of Hawker 400 aircraft parts and components, including and not limited to avionics, instruments and gyros, radio, radar, gauges, air data instruments, and accessories. Simply search through our Hawker 400 capabilities list below. We are continually expanding our capabilities, so if you do not find your preferred part number in our capabilities list, feel free to call us at 731-645-9988. For a price quote, click the RFQ button in the right-hand column.

Part Number Description
102466-5 Pressure Regulator
103278-13 Outflow Valve
103278-9-1 Outflow Valve
104968 Rotary Actuator
106884-3-1 Flow Control Valve
107312-4-1 Pneumatic Relay
128-340317-1 Power Supply
128-384028-1 RPM Indicator
13050-5 Pressurization Control
130530-4 Pressurization Control
140-380020-0001 Inverter Contactor
1611AM3 Altimeter
2132-1-11 Flap Position Indicator
2132-1-13 DC Voltmeter
2132-1-62 Ammeter
23080-005 Starter Generator
23080-064 Starter Generator
23080-series Starter Generator
23091-002 Starter Generator
2587193-43 Directional Compass Gyro
25-8NF763-7A Pressure Control
28004-11-02 Ammeter
2C40-2 Boost Pump
321292-1 Shutoff Valve
3215086-3 Pressure Regulating Valve
34988-2 Rotary Actuator
4008519-series A/P Computer
4016341-906 Encoder
4018285-906 Altitude Controller
4018368-series Flight Director
4018369-905 Flight Director
4018639-907 A/P Controller
4027170-904 Horz. Ind.
45AS88801-17 Starter Generator
501-1228-series Power Supply
501-1565-02 ADI
50284-003 DC Ground Fault
50284-003 D.C. Ground Fault Protection Unit
504-0019-908 Attitude Gyro
51509-006C Generator Control Unit


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For your convenient offline reference, download a searchable PDF file of our Hawker 400 capabilities.