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Dash 8U.S. Aerospace Corp. provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for a wide array of Dash 8 aircraft parts and components, including and not limited to avionics, instruments and gyros, radio, radar, gauges, air data instruments, and accessories. Simply search through our Dash 8 capabilities list below. We are continually expanding our capabilities, so if you do not find your preferred part number in our capabilities list, feel free to call us at 731-645-9988. For a price quote, click the RFQ button in the right-hand column.

Part Number Description
3037380(A) A02 Fuel Nozzle
3038105 B02 Fuel Nozzle
3038108 C02 Fuel Nozzle
3038699 B02 Fuel Nozzle
3038826 C01 Fuel Nozzle


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For your convenient offline reference, download a searchable PDF file of our Dash 8 capabilities.