Capabilities: Dornier 328

Dornier 328U.S. Aerospace Corp. provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for a wide array of Dornier 328 aircraft parts and components, including and not limited to avionics, instruments and gyros, radio, radar, gauges, air data instruments, and accessories. Simply search through our Dornier 328 capabilities list below. We are continually expanding our capabilities, so if you do not find your preferred part number in our capabilities list, feel free to call us at 731-645-9988. For a price quote, click the RFQ button in the right-hand column.

Part Number Description
064-01072-0101 KPA 1052 Power Amplifier
064-01073-0102 KRX 1053 Receiver/Exciter
064-01074-0101 KAC 1052 Antenna Coupier
064-1015-01 KHF 950 HF/SSB Communication
2097H020900 Electropneumatic Valve
2097P011400 Electropneumatic Valve
2099J02900 Pneumatic Valve
2099R011400 Pneumatic Valve
2100-1020-00 Cockpit Voice Recorder
22260A/E010101 Cabin Pressure Controller
2610485-1 Nose Wheel Assembly
2610702-2 Brake Assembly
2610702-3 Brake Assembly
3038105 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3038108 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3038699 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3039971 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3040146 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3045307 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3045667 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3045668 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3045778-01 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
3045783-01 PW100 Fuel Nozzles
4100-849048 Motor Driven Hydraulic Pump Assy
5009984 Power Driven Rotary Pump
501-1228-03 PS-835 Emergency Power Supply
8160-121 Starter Generator
90002021 Nose Wheel Assembly
90002021-1 Nose Wheel Assembly
90002024 Main Wheel Assy
90002030 Brake Assy
93A055-XX CVR MIC Modules
93A100-XX Cockpit Voice Recorder
93A151-XX CVR Control Unit
PC125 125 VA Static Inverter
PC251 250 VA Static Inverter
PW100 Fuel Nozzles PW100 Fuel Nozzles
WL101AMS1 Altimeter/Airspeed Indicator







For your convenient offline reference, download a searchable PDF file of our Dornier 328 capabilities.